About Us

EGA Gymnastics in Doral

Artistic gymnastics is one of the most exciting, competitive and demanding world sports, this is a fact. This beautiful unique sport combines in perfect harmony intense physical preparation with the art and discipline so that together they help not only in the training of athletes in excellent physical shape, but also individuals capable of understanding that constancy, discipline and attitude are fundamental values for success in any area of our lives.

For this reason, in EGA we constantly strive to keep present this ideology based on respect for each child and each young person entering our gym, understanding that each has different needs and capabilities what drives us to provide a service to the height of each situation through the use of positive tools that encourage the athlete to overcome in a healthy and comfortable environment.

Our training program, supported by a team of qualified and supervised, coaches allows us to develop led classes at all levels from the little ones such as the programme for babies and recreational, to the highest competitive level within the USA GYMNASTICS groups. All are important within EGA, and offers everyone greater dedication and interest so they can reach their own goals in the world of gymnastics.

A vision that we are proud always turn something simple into something great, transform that emotion that feels the beginner who arrives with the dream of achieving large goals in successful real in all areas of gymnastics with the ability to become citizens of first for his nation.  WE MAKE CHAMPIONS!

We offer...

  • Competitive Team Training
  • Usa Gymnastics Membership
  • Trampoling & Tumbling
  • Mommy & Me
  • Recreational Classes
  • Fully A/C 14,000 sq. Ft facility
  • All new equipment
  • Certified Staff
  • Tumbling for Cheerleading and dance (*)
  • Birthday parties (*)
  • Open Gym (*)
  • Space for rent (cheerleading, parkour, etc) (*)
  • Spacious and comfortable lobby
  • Homeschooling program
  • And More!
(*) Certain conditions apply

Why you should be here?

You could be a champion

EGA maintains a program of high-level training for competitive teams that refreshes and renews constantly, which has allowed us to obtain an excellent ranking in competitions and events in which we participate, placing us in the top of the podium.

Best Summer Camps

The best way to have fun in the summer is our already famous camps! Children can learn gymnastics having fun in our spacious facilities with new equipment of excellent quality to offer you a comfortable and safe environment, supervised by the best team of trainers with extensive experience, which ensures the best and most fun summer can imagine!

We have the best trainers

The success of any Gymnastics Academy is not only based on a well-equipped infrastructure, coaches are the key to enhance the capacities of the athletes and turn them into real gymnasts of success through teamwork and the constant search for new tools to improve the level of classes such as courses, seminars and training our staff continuously. EGA is proud to offer them the best team of trainers throughout Florida!

Is really Fun

Practicing gymnastics in EGA is never boring! We worry that our classes are as dynamic as possible so that young athletes can have fun and enjoy learning this wonderful and exciting sport without leaving aside the discipline and concentration.